Today is the day (to play)

My third day on the internet and an infinite number to go. Is that frightening? Or exiting? Create expectations? Actually, I don’t care. It does not matter either. The only thing that counts is the awareness of this moment. And there are a lot of good moments in life.
For example when you play a board game. With family or friends or people from a board game group.
If you like this type of time consuming plus the game on the table is interesting enough or intrigues you, you will find yourself very present. You loose track of time, likely that you experience the state of ‘flow’.
A good board game is an experience, telling a story, challenging you, bugging you, confusing you or is just plain fun!
That’s why I enjoy playing board games; it’s showing you life. It’s showing you who you are.
Of course this is not coming from the board and game elements itself, but emerges from the interaction with other players. The game and its essentials are the lubricating oil of players interaction, so to speak.

For those who love board games I don’t have to say more. For those who want to move further in life, I suggest “Play!”






today is the day 2

Hi there!

I didn’t introduce myself the other day. Who am I? Or actually; what am I?
I am what you see. These words in this blog. Sure, there is a body and mind behind it but I try to separate myself from that. I’m more the Observer of that mind and body. Look at me as the true self: the observer of an embodied personality with a name. A mortal body and mind with a name becoming extinct.
That is why I, “the Observer”, started this blog. A blog is digital, it cannot die, it’s immortal! But just to keep it a little bit practical I will use a name: Madilo, last name ‘Blog’, lol 🙂

Now, this name needs a bit of explanation (It’s not that relevant, just a nice background story…)
‘Madilo’ is a word from the Indian dialect Telugu and means something  like “I think of you”, but in a much deeper sense. More like “You are in my heart & mind and I will not forget you“.
Can you imagine that my body (heart) and mind were very pleased with the meaning of this word and thus gave it to me! Especially if you only exist on the internet, like me.

I ‘use’ the mind to come up with all kind of ideas and thoughts, thoughts that may affect my body, my emotions. I observe those thoughts and the feelings that go with it, I take a step back and analyse. Or not.

Observing my mind can be confronting, frightening, cause embarresement and exitement too. As an Observer I’m having the opportunity to speak to my mind, saying this is not the way to behave or react.
Because I am actualy quite a young observer it happens occasionally that an experience already has past, before it really “hits me”.
This is OK, I let go of the -usual- negative feeling, subsequeltly let it run again through my mind and instantly mark it as a learning. Happy again!

So now you know a little bit more about me, at least my beginning.
There is lots more to come, I’m endless you know.

Endless connected
The power of connection


today is the day..

I guess it is. It turned out I created this blog -technically speaking-  5 months ago but somehow forgot about it’s existence. Apparently the moment is right now.

[pause]…So what about content? .. [another pause] Good question!

(actually there are no good or bad questions, just questions. Using an adjective for this specific word is just a way to buy more time. To think. What the heck am I going to tell? Or in this specific case, to write about?)

One thing immediately pops up now: Things you like. challenge arises: I like sooo many things. Focus madilo! Try again.Things you like to talk about, like to do?
OK, let me create a small list here.

  1. playing boardgames
  2. designing a boardgame
  3. reading books, but mostly articles (science, culture, tech, people, the mind, boardgames!)
  4. writing down my ideas, taking notes and making drawings  of it
  5. being mindfulness, aware of the moment
  6. ..ehh..Stop!

I think this is a nice list to start with and could be a good start for setting “the window” for this blog.
Yes, I believe my first post is born!

Hello Digital World Madilo is here!